Pre-Order New Toyota in Mobile, AL

Are you having trouble finding the right vehicle? With the current state of supply shortages, you might need to place a pre-order to get exactly what you want.

When will the supply shortage end?

Predictions are that the shortage will continue through at least 2023.

Why is there a car shortage?

Due to COVID, multiple key components were not available in 2021, including computer chips. Manufacturers are trying to return to their pre-pandemic production volume, however there are a lot of people still waiting for a vehicle.

Why should I pre-order a Toyota?

If we do not have the vehicle you want in a preferred color or with specific options in stock, pre-ordering will get the vehicle you want as quickly as possible.

How can I pre-order a Toyota?

Give Palmer’s Toyota Superstore a call as soon as possible, or contact us using the form below. The most popular vehicles are in very high demand, so don’t wait!

Pre-Order Your Toyota

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