Toyota Testing Autonomous Driving

April 17th, 2016 by

2015 Camry

The future of cars probably isn’t going to involve removing the wheels and watching them hover around the skies, but it is going to involve automobiles communicating with each and infrastructure which, combined with all these burgeoning advanced safety technologies, eventually is going to allow for automobiles to drive themselves. It’s coming, and Toyota is doing the kind of research that could very well put them at the forefront of that inevitability.

More specifically, Toyota currently is running a bit of an experiment in Ann Arbor, Michigan where they’ve commissioned 5,000 Toyota vehicles to send data back as they communicate wirelessly with other Toyota cars and traffic lights and other essential traffic infrastructure. They’re hoping this close examination of how this tech works in action will help Toyota better understand how autonomous cars may work in the real world.

The automaker will team up with the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, and they’ll get drivers of new models like the 2016 Toyota Camry and 2016 Toyota RAV4 to agree to adding a small data-collecting box in the trunk of their cars as well as a couple of antennas. They’ll gather information about how the car drives and interacts with other properly-equipped cars, specifically in terms of things like speed and position data, and that hopefully will be enough to help move along this self-driving car thing along.

Someday, every Toyota truck, car and SUV in the world will essentially drive itself, and Daphne drivers will be able to look back at some of this early research as the groundwork for what ultimately came to fruition. It’s not flying cars, but it’s still pretty cool, and here at Palmer’s Toyota we’re so excited about what the future may bring.

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