Toyota Safety Sense Slated for all Models by 2018

June 20th, 2016 by

2017 Corolla

In our last post we talked about how the Toyota Safety Sense suite of advanced safety features had won an accolade for its far-reaching technologies that keep drivers of Toyota vehicles safer than they’ve ever been before, but in that article we needed to mention that only drivers who opted for TSS would benefit from all the protection that those features provide. Currently, customers have to work with Toyota Financial to purchase higher trims of Toyota models to see TSS included among their vehicle’s many features, but we have great news for our most devoted Palmer’s Toyota customers: the automaker is planning on making these technologies standard on almost all models starting 2018.

This is, of course, the way that technology works. When something brand new comes out it tends to be expensive to manufacture and market, which means only premium customers can get their hands on it. That’s how things happened at first with the VCR, for example, and CD players and handheld camcorders. Obviously, those grew more ubiquitous over time, as well.

While Toyota Safety Sense obviously is a whole lot more complicated than a compact disc, advanced safety technologies have become considerably more commonplace in the last couple of years, while safety tests have proved that they can significantly cut down on injury-causing accidents. They are hugely effective in practice, and it certainly looks like Toyota has gotten serious about keeping Pascagoula, MS customers as safe possible by including the tech in nearly every model, from the 2016 Toyota RAV4 to the 2016 Toyota Sienna.

From frontal collision avoidance and lane-keep assist to automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control, this is a series of technologies that really do a lot to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers of Toyota vehicles. Obviously, we’re very glad to see TSS spread to more models moving forward.

Stop by Palmer’s Toyota if you have any questions about this suite of technology features or want to test drive one of our capable Toyota vehicles!

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