Toyota Remains Leader in Innovation

July 20th, 2016 by

2016 Avalon

For the second straight year, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued more patents to engineers and designers at the Toyota brand than any other automaker in the industry, showing just how committed the auto manufacturer is to making sure that their vehicles are ahead of the curve and as innovative as possible. Toyota dealerships all over the country reap the benefits of these efforts on a daily basis, and we’re thrilled to be on the receiving end of all that high-end intellectual property.

According to a recently released publication by the Intellectual Property Owners Association, the Toyota brand was issued 1,636 patents in 2015 and has been granted more patents than any other automaker over the course of the last eight years. Not all of these have found their way into every Toyota truck, car, and SUV currently in production, but it shows just how much effort engineers put into making sure that the very best of them are ahead of the industry curve. These include everything from technology helping autonomous vehicles move out of the way for emergency vehicles to artificial skin on safety mannequins used in crash tests. Every little detail comes from some smart person’s brain, and it’s great to know that our customers around Theodore, AL are driving Toyota vehicles that make the most of this intelligence.

In fact, not only was the Toyota brand ahead of any other automaker in terms of patents issued, but they were the only automaker in the top 20 on the aforementioned list. That puts Toyota in the same company as Apple, Google, and Microsoft when it comes to innovation, proving that we sell only the most deliberate and well thought-out vehicles here at Palmer’s Toyota. Feel free to stop by and test drive any of them any time!

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