Toyota Debuts Revolutionary C-HR SUV

July 10th, 2016 by

2018 C-HR

Anybody who’s been paying to attention to Toyota vehicles recently knows that the automaker has been trying some really interesting things over the course of the last few years in terms of design. The new Toyota Prius, for example, is a much edgier version of a vehicle that for a long time boasted a much more conservative exterior, and the new Toyota Camry is quite a bit sportier and more modern-looking than its predecessor. Toyota dealerships have so far embraced this updated design language, and here at Palmer’s Toyota we’re very excited to know that the new Toyota C-HR will continue along that course with arguably the most unique crossover the marque has ever engineered for production.

Set for a 2017 model year release, the C-HR (short for “Coupe-High Rider”) is a little bit smaller than its best-selling sibling, the 2016 Toyota RAV4, but is bigger than many of the competitors that are expected to be in its segment. It introduces the Toyota “Sensual Tech” design language, which combines loads of great and easy-to-use new technologies with what the automaker calls a “sensual and fashionable style.”

“The C-HR gives Toyota a powerful new presence in the growing C-crossover segment,” said Kazuhiko Isawa, chief designer of the C-HR. “It is intended to spearhead a new movement within its segment; to create a new frontier. That’s why we decided it had to be unique, with its own personality, full of originality.”

We don’t know yet when the U.S.-spec version of the vehicle will be made available, but we’re already invariably excited to test drive these gorgeous new crossovers with our customers here in Mobile, AL. Stay tuned for more updates, and enjoy that Toyota is doing some really neat things with design.