2016 Toyota Prius Uses Solar-Reflecting Paint

February 25th, 2016 by

2016 Prius

When it comes to choosing an exterior paint color for a new car, Palmer’s Toyota customers always have made their decisions based on what they thought was the classiest, flashiest or plain ol’ most attractive. Recent scientific developments in the composition of exterior paint, however, mean that consumers could soon have another consideration to make in choosing a paint color: environmental friendliness.

A new reflective paint developed by Toyota engineers is filled with “tiny reflective oxide particles” and has completely eliminated an ingredient called carbon black, which ultimately results in vehicles reflecting energy off of the car rather than absorbing it.

“We expect heat increase control of around 5 degrees Celsius (9 degrees Fahrenheit) when comparing vehicle body surface temperature with and without thermal barrier function under the scorching sun in summer,” said Toyota spokesman Takashi Ozawa in his explanation of the new paint, which is bright lime green in its prototype form.

According to Toyota, one study in Japan found that if every automobile on the island featured this kind of paint, over 210,000 tons of carbon emissions could be kept out of the air, and that’s just for that one country. Implemented on a larger scale, those numbers would sky rocket and seriously help slow down global warming, all because some engineers figured out a way to paint vehicles a different color.

Black cars are still some of the most popular automobiles currently in existence, but as this little lime green 2016 Toyota Prius proves, there might be better ways to go about picking an exterior color. And who knows? Maybe someday Toyota will figure out how to make the black exterior paints reflective, too.