2007 Toyota Tundra Hits A Million Miles

May 14th, 2016 by

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Here at Palmer’s Toyota, we hear all kinds of great stories from Daphne, AL drivers about how many miles they ended up tacking onto their odometers by the end of their ownership experiences, and while 200,000 miles isn’t necessarily common, it’s not so rare that a lot more people could hit that mark if they owned their Toyota vehicles longer. Hitting 300,000 miles is considerably more impressive, and half a million is legitimately rare.

Occasionally, though, a driver is able to finagle a million or more miles out of their vehicles, and when that happens Toyota tends to make a pretty big deal about it. One Louisiana man, Victor Sheppard, recently hit that mark in his 2007 Toyota Tundra, which is a huge nod to Toyota production and engineering. Vehicles aren’t supposed to run that long, especially not with original parts, but this one did, and we were almost thrilled as Sheppard himself.

“My truck looks great, and, except for a few little dents, it’s almost like new,” said Sheppard. “Even the seats look just as they were when I bought it. They’re not as clean, of course, but they’re not busted or worn out.”

The other parts weren’t “busted,” either, as the overwhelming majority of those million miles came thanks to original parts. We’re talking about 125,000 miles a year in a Toyota truck, something that happens when one’s job takes them from Baton Rouge to Wyoming to Virginia on a semi-regular basis.

The odometer still reads 999,999 because that’s apparently as high as the truck can count, but there’s no doubting that Sheppard made the most of his Toyota purchase. While we can’t guarantee every model can live quite that long, we do believe in the longevity of Toyota vehicles, which is something this special Toyota Tundra proves.

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